(RS1) PPE order status update

  • The national strain on the supply chain for PPE and disinfectants is significant. FE&P will fulfill FAMIS orders as best they can for the research labs.
  • A large order of disinfectant spray is on back order. In the meanwhile FE&P will distribute the resources they have on hand.
  • Disposable masks are requested through the FE&P FAMIS work order system with director or chair approval, and are being issued in a 2-week supply to departments and labs/groups (one mask per person per day).

We ask for your patience during the first few weeks of reactivation as we face the challenges of reopening research during a period of supply shortages and reduced infrastructure staffing. It is unlikely to be a smooth transition and there will be bumps in the road as we re-start. The situation continues to be fluid and changes could be made quickly without much notice. While many are eager to return to research, please be mindful of the concerns of staff and graduate students in returning to campus.


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