Research Stage 2 (RS2)

Starting Monday, August 3, a PI may resume research and scholarship activities once the attestation form is submitted, sufficient supplies (masks, disinfectants) are available in the research space, and the PI is ready to ensure a safe research environment in accordance with the Guidelines for Research Reactivation.

  • Please be aware that research buildings have designated entrances, and only some of the doors will be accessible for entry.
  • All building exits will remain accessible.
  • Everyone must carry their Rice ID cards while on campus.
  • PI’s should work with their department to request badge access from RUPD for graduate and undergraduate students.

It is recommended that faculty oversee the transition to operations personally (if they are not in a high-risk population) so as to help allay concerns of students and staff and to adjudicate modifications in their plans as unforeseen complications arise.

Information on PPE can be found here.

Reminder: Team members should place their trash bags outside the lab and office (with the top tied) for trash pickup on campus. Replacement bags will be supplied.

Questions? Please contact your PI, department, or